Conferences for “Research of Symbiosis”

Archilife Living Special Team Conferences


The global trend of violent climate change is upon us. The Archilife Research Foundation has deemed, based on Taiwan’s climatic conditions and geographical location, that hygiene and health issues arising from climate change will most likely pose a serious threat to Taiwan.

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The Reunion Banquet to iiSBE CEO Mr. Nils Larsson


The Archilife Research Foundation (ARF) has long been a sponsor to foster academic and practical international exchanges related to Taiwan’s sustainable buildings and symbiotic environment and assist the Taiwan Society of Sustainable Built Enviromemt (TSSBE) adhering by the objective of connecting relevant industries to the world.

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Sketch of Public Policy Communion, December 2019


Ms. Su Mei-ju presented a speech on the "The Impact of Policy on Museum Development". Mr. Chen Yuan-hung spoke on "Description of Critical Age and Earthquake Residence"...

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Sponsorship of Open Culture Foundation and MOPCON 2019


In the ARF’s forecast of future trends, development of digitalization and information technology is predicted to have critical impact on the way of living in the future. Thus, the ARF has begun sponsoring large-scale open source forums in Taiwan since 2011 in the hope of contributing to knowledge sharing and talent cultivation in the industry through actual participation in related events.

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Wormhole Bookish Assembly

Sheet of Wormhole Bookish Assembly, December 2019


A total of 26 book reports were presented in December 2019 bookish assembly, including Xiaoyu’s Secret Holiday, Raging Kids, Calm Parents ...

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SB Series of International Conferences

Summary of SASBE2012


ARF presented the theory on"Before Forever; After Tomorrow" at the poster session at SASBE2012 to announce to the international society our views on climate change.

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