Participation in Tokyo Game Show 2019
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  2019年的東京電玩展Tokyo Game Show 於9月13至15日舉辦,以「更加連結、更多樂趣」做為主題標語,原期望能再將活動推至新高度,不過由於當時日本剛遭受近年來最嚴重的颱風災情,展區所在的千葉縣於活動期間仍有數十萬戶停電,使本屆統計入場人數罕見地較前屆為少。
  Tokyo Game Show 2019 was held from September 13 to 15. With the official theme “one world, infinite joy”, the event had expected to attract record number of visitors this year but due to damages caused by the most severe typhoon ever to hit Japan in recent years, tens of thousands of households in Chiba Prefecture where the event was held were still without power, resulting in a rare drop in the number of visitors this year. 
  話雖如此,全球各大廠商今年仍端出了許多業界與玩家已經期待多年的作品與內容,會場內的氣氛並未稍有衰減,特別是獨立遊戲展示區,共計有十數家台灣開發者於現場展出成果,而本會長年關注的實驗型遊戲發表活動Sense of Wonder Night,這屆依然有非常亮眼、具有創意的作品與表現方式上台發表,本會參訪成員也會持續將相關資訊帶回給國內社群,期能對本土的遊戲開發者提供更多不同的觀點。
  Despite the decrease in number of visitors, the event still saw major game makers worldwide launching games and contents the industry and gamers have looked forward to for years. Atmosphere in the venue was also not dampened by the typhoon, especially the independent games showcase area. Dozens of Taiwan developers showcased their games at the event. The “Sense of Wonder Night”, which the ARF has been following for years, continue to dazzle with creative works and presentation methods. Participating ARF members will continue to bring related information back to the gaming community in Taiwan in the hope that the information sharing and organization will provide more diverse perspectives for game developers in Taiwan.
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